Neoprene glove on foam cotton support


  • Rough in the hand part for a more comfortable grip and interior.
  • Good grip in dry, wet and oily environments.
  • Maximum protection against heat by contact (500ºC for 15 seconds), very good flame behaviour, convective and radiant heat and excellent resistance to small splashes.
  • Special for uses with hot liquids and splashes.
  • The Sanitized® hygiene function protects gloves from the formation of fungi, mites and bacteria, prevent odors, provides long-lasting material protection to polymers and minimize skin irritation.
  • For bacteria and fungi this glove has total tightness according to EN 374-2:2014.
  • This glove protects against the following chemicals: methanol (level 1, >10 minutes), n-heptane (level 1, >10 minutes), sodium hydroxide 40% (level 6, >480 minutes), sulphuric acid 96% (level 2 >30 minutes), ammonium hydroxide 25% (level 1, >10 minutes)30% hydrogen peroxide (level 6, >480 minutes) and 37% formaldehyde (level 6, >480 minutes).
  • Neutral single bag.


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