Gauntlet with Nylon® support and double bipolymer coating (Nitrile + water-based PU). The first coating is fully water-proof. The second coating is made of porous nitrile with T-Touch® Technology on palm and thumb.






  • Very flexible and light, providing unsurpassed comfort.
  • Double nitrile coating offering excellent sealing and grip in dry, wet and oily environments.
  • The first layer is made of watertight nitrile with PU and the second layer of sandy nitrile with PU with T-touch technology on palm and thumb.
  • For bacteria and fungi this glove is totally watertight according to EN 374-2: 2014.
  • This glove protects against the following chemicals: Methanol (level 2,> 30 minutes), n-Heptane (level 3,> 60 minutes), Sodium Hydroxide 40% (level 6,> 480 minutes) and Sulfuric Acid 96% ( level 2> 30 minutes).
  • Neutral individual bag.