Ingenia® fiber mixed with polyester, Nylon® and elastane glove with PFT Nitrile technology coating on palm




  • Excellent dexterity: Use in applications where precision is required.
  • Very elastic and comfortable.
  • Ingenia® fiber is an ecological yarn manufactured through a biotechnological process. It contains 37% of ingredients from renewable sources and its production requires 30% less energy than commonly used polymers, reducing at the same time 63% less CO2 emissions.
  • It offers excellent breathability, quickly absorbing moisture and expelling it from the hand, thus providing great comfort.
  • Excellent grip on dry and oily surfaces.
  • The Sanitized® hygiene function protects gloves from the formation of fungi, mites and bacteria, prevent odors, provides long-lasting material protection to polymers and minimize skin irritation.
  • Contact heat resistant level 1 (100ºC at 15 second).
  • Chlorine and UV resistant.
  • Suitable for use with touch devices (thumb and index finger).