4407 RF

Dyneema fibre glove mixed with Nylon and elastane. Nitrile reinforcement between index finger and thumb. Produced with Dyneema Diamond 3G12 technology and PU coating on palm and fingers


  • Produced with Dyneema® Diamond technology enhancing the touch in comparison with other gloves in the market and reducing muscle fatigue and allowing a better performance. This technology does not involve glass fibre to increase cut levels. This fact prevents the user from suffering allergies caused by glass fibre when the glove is worn out.
  • Dyneema® fibre is a high technology product and guarantees a total and durable protection from cuts and abrasions.
  • Greater durability, grip and strength thanks to its PU coating.
  • Nitrile reinforcement between index and thumb for works with higher erosion in this area.
  • Actifresh treatment to avoid bad odours and to eliminate bacteria caused by sweat and Sanitized treatment to prevent skin irritation.


4407 RF User Manuals
4407 RF Certificate