Distribution of work gloves of Juba PPE in Turkey is being conducted by Aytekin-Serol Ltd as the country stocking distributor.

Aytekin-Serol Ltd Co was established in year 1971 by MSc Civil Engineer Mr.Orhan Aytekin in Ankara. The activities of the company started with engineering and contracting services.By 1974 the company moved to Adana and starting with the year 2000 our company began working for international organizations in Turkey. We started importing environmental clean-up products and workers’ health and safety items for our own needs to meet the requirements of these international customers. Noticing the lack of availability in these market segments our company decided to make investment and step by step became the sole distribütor of the world brands New Pig, Juba, Towa in Turkey.

Juba PPE Company has been established in 1954 in La Rioja Spain and owns one of the widest work glove ranges in Europe. Among these models are sensitive mechanical gloves, antistatic gloves, Mecanix group gloves, chemically resistant gloves, cut resistant Dyneema gloves, thermally resistant Kevlar gloves, security and fire fighter gloves with OutDry, microfinish Towa gloves and latex group for health and food industry..Juba brand differntiates from the rest of the market with its specialization in the glove/ PPE industry for over 50 years, with its continuous innovation, with the high level of quality and with the flexibility to be able to produce custom designed gloves for individual customers.

We distribute Juba products in Turkey through our distribution partners, namely, Erkos in Marmara and Aegean region; Alpsam in Central Anatolia and Mediterrenean Regions. As the distribution group, we value the quality of the service we provide to the customers just as much as the quality of the products we sell. Our specialized sales team can provide onsite analyses and consult the cutomers to meet their needs in the most efficiant way where we can deliver Juba gloves from our wide range of stocks in Adana to anywhere in Turkey within 48-72 hours.

As Juba Team Turkey we are dedicated to.providing optimum hand protection solutions throughout Turkey.